About Us

This is the website for the Tuition Equity for New Jersey DREAMers campaign, a campaign to pass legislation in New Jersey to expand college access and affordability for undocumented immigrant youth.

This campaign is being led by New Jersey United Students, the New Jersey DREAM Act Coalition, and Anakbayan New Jersey, but involves the work of dozens of amazing organizations who believe in this cause. We hope you will join us in this effort, or, at the very least, leave our page with a little more information about the issue at hand.

Tuition Equity for NJ DREAMers is also on:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/NJTuitionEquity
Twitter: @NJTuitionEquity
E-mail: NJTuitionEquity@Gmail.com

You can find/contact the New Jersey DREAM Act Coalition:

On Facebook: www.Facebook.com/NJDAC
On Twitter: @NJDreamAct
By E-mail: Info@NJDAC.org

You can find/contact New Jersey United Students:

On Facebook: www.facebook.com/NJUnitedStudents
On Twitter: @NJStudents
By E-mail: NJunitedstudents@gmail.com

You can find/contact the Anakbayan New Jersey

On Facebook: www.Facebook.com/anakbayan.nj
On Twitter: @anakbayannynj
By E-mail: anakbayan.nynj@gmail.com


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